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Daisy's Carrot Cake

Daisy's Carrot Cake

No Nuts!

Item#: DCCN

No Nuts! and 1 pound of carrots in every cake!

This is our #1 Seller. It is super moist and covered in our signature cream cheese icing. This four-layer favorite is great year round. It is super moist and has golden raisins, and is clad in our not-too-sweet cream cheese icing.  The deep, golden layers will keep you lingering around the cake plate for one more little taste.

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This carrot cake was amazing! It was moist and the frosting was smooth and not too sweet. I loved that it didn't have nuts. Personally I could have left out the raisins as well, but it didn't bother me. Very good cake!

Daniel T.

My cousin got this for me as a birthday gift and it may have been the best birthday gift I have gotten in my entire life, except for perhaps getting my first cell phone. The carrot cake is to die for. I know...it is $50 for a cake. In my opinion, Daisy Cake is making a huge, HUGE mistake for pricing it at $50, as I think that it is under priced. I would say a more appropriate price would be $75 or $100. The cake is that good. Using the word "good" is almost insulting to the cakes. These cakes are therapeutic. Once your teeth sink into the unimaginably unhealthy and scrumptious perfection that is Daisy Cakes, you will feel your worries dissipate. You will feel your taste buds taking over your train of though and, in that moment, you will be lost in a plethora of deliciousness. It doesn't need to be an occasion, order one or ten of these things for yourself. Life is just too short, and there are so many cakes to choose from!

Louis L.

Delicious cake! Best I have ever had! I order EVERY holiday and everyone raves about ALL the Daisy Cakes I order. Never disappointed.
We are skiing for Christmas and I have ordered their chocolate cake to deliver to The St. Regis for my nieces birthday celebration...they are THAT good!

Cindy Hennessey

We saw you on Shark Tank and my daughter really wanted to try your carrot cake. My husband ordered it and it just came a couple of days ago. We brought it to my parent's house to share for dessert. Everyone said it was the best cake they ever had. Everyone loved that the icing was not too sweet. Thank you. It was delicious!!!

Paul Steffen

My son had you send me a carrot cake smothered in you're incredible cream-cheese & powdered sugar frosting. The cake itself was good enough and then you added that frosting which turned it into an absolutely addictive food. I'm sure there is something sinful about eating such a delicious cake 😜! I don't have a sweet tooth. I have a whole mouthful of 'em!! I live alone and the cake lasted only 8 days.
I have decided not to take any legal action.

BTW, I didn't bother to read the note about the dry ice but I knew it was in the box. I was thinking about cake!! 😃 I had just a tiny bit of burn. I think it's because at age 80 I haven't had time to learn read.

Thank You For a Most Wonderful Product Kim,

Anne Marie Griffith

This was EXCELLENT. I must add:to distinguish just how great it is:
1 I do NOT love carrot cake
2.I do NOT love commercial cakes -- I am fussy
3 It was a Christmas gift someone sent my dad. We froze it in the snow January - March
4. Then we put it in the chest freezer until the end of July. It thawed a bit once or twice. We finally at it July 26. YUM!!!!!
5.Still one of the best cakes I have ever eaten -- so much so that I found it on line and wrote this review. It earned it.
6. The packaging was excellent

Jim Folkner

We LOVED the carrot cake my wife loved the cake she was surprised and thrilled that it was made without nuts. We went on the site and picked out one a cake piece to try out the carrot was our favorite. My wife is also a southern cook that learned from her grandmother’s and she had trouble believing that I ordered the cake it tasted so good. Let’s just say this I will be a repeat customer since this made my wife very happy.

Anne Bruce

Your "24 Carrot Daisy Cake" was simply the best cake I have ever eaten!!!! My friend, Betty Garrett, president of Garrett Speakers International, recommended this to me. She is a huge fan of Kim Daisy. We ordered one and had it for Mother's Day weekend with friends. Everyone loved it and thought that this Shark Tank lady was out-of-this-word genuine and passionate about her cakes. We are forever fans of Kim Daisy and Daisy Cakes!!!!

Rebecca Pyron

I am relisting my earlier because I inadvertently clicked the 1 star instead of my intended 5 stars. I had seen the episode of Shark Tank, and I thought I would give the cakes a try. The carrot cake is, truly, the best I have ever tasted. Since shipping costs are rather high, I ordered the two cakes no additional shipping special. I kept the chocolate cake frozen until needed closer towards Christmas, and I will review it after we try it. I will order from Daisy Cakes again!!

bradford lyon

what's not to love. daisy cakes are in our dreams. it takes incredible restraint to not order them every week.

Herman Hill

Absolutely best cakes I have ever purchased, have been buying since first knew based on Shark Tank.

Rebecca Pyron

Saw the episode of Shark Tank, and I thought I would give the cakes a try. The carrot cake is, truly, the best I have ever tasted. Since shipping costs are rather high, I ordered the two cakes no additional shipping special. I kept the chocolate cake frozen until needed closer towards Christmas, and I will review it after we try it. I will order from Daisy Cakes again!!

Anna RotellaDavies

The very best carrot cake we have EVER had! I am not a carrot cake fan, I had ordered for my husband but as soon as I tasted it I couldn't get enough! Great cake from a very great company!

Anna Marie

I recently ordered three cakes from Daisy Cakes. At first the shipping date was off since I wanted them for my daughters birthday. Not only did you get back to me right away but I got the cakes a day before expected! AND they were THE VERY BEST cakes we have ever had in our lives!! And I'm a baker!!!! Lol! My husband loves carrot cake and he is in LOVE with yours! I just wanted to thank you for giving us such a great experience! We have already reordered!!!!
Have a great holiday!

mary cameron

Well, I found another great reason to have a slice (or two) of my favorite Carrot Cake...it helps if you're feeling under the weather - better than chicken soup! Now, I'm a writer, not a medical professional, but I'm onto something. As I waited on the couch for my fresh, new cake to thaw, I was sure my head was going to explode out of my ears. With my first bite, I could feel my strength returning - I think it was the carrots! Okay, I was housebound all weekend, and the cake didn't cure me, but I definitely perked up. This could be a Godsend during flu season! BTW, when I placed my order with Cheryl, she could hear that I didn't feel well, and sent a nice note with my cake - one of the little touches that makes Daisy Cakes, well...Daisy Cakes! Enjoy everybody!

mary cameron

I'm nuts about this carrot cake with NO NUTS! I love, love, carrot cake, but it's impossible to find one without the teeth-jarring nuts ruining the creamy smoothness of the cake - and this is one smooth cake! The cake is moist and so full of raisins and fresh carrots that I'm positive this fulfills my daily requirement of fruits and veggies! Hey, as long as my "skinny jeans" fit, I'm sticking to my story! On to the cream cheese frosting...I think Kim and my Daisy Cake "guru," Cheryl, should sell this on the side and by the gallon - and this Philly gal knows her cream cheese! This amazing cake stays just as fresh and creamy (can't help but use that word) after being in the freezer as the day it arrives. This cake is MY treat to myself, and with a little self-control, I can make it last - and I deserve it. Oops! Gotta go - I just lost my self control, and there is one more slice in the freezer! Buy one and enjoy!

Greg Weinstein

One of the best Carrot Cakes I have ever tasted!

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