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The Story of Daisy Cakes

A Slice of Love

Here in the south, cooking and baking are all about creating something together and sharing the love. We carry this tradition into every delicious hand-made Daisy Cake. Each cake is baked with the freshest ingredients and carefully packed by hand. We truly believe in sharing a taste of the south. So enjoy a slice of love, from our kitchen to yours.

A Southern Story

Our story, here at Daisy Cakes started well before Kim’s appearance on the hit TV show “Shark Tank”. This southern tale of family tradition and farm-fresh ingredients dates back through generations. The story all starts here in South Carolina, with “The Southern Misses”.
In the South, we use the term “Miss” regardless of age or marital status. These southern belles are the talented bakers who passed down their hand-made recipes with love, from generation to generation. The misses knew all their ingredients and recipes by heart, and thankfully for us, they wrote them down for future generations!

Farm-Fresh Ingredients

Our appreciation of farm-fresh ingredients at Daisy Cakes is rooted in childhood memories. Back on the farm, the Misses baked and cooked as a way to show their husbands and families how much they loved them. Their farm provided fresh eggs from the coop, vegetables from the garden, and delicious hand-churned butter.
At Daisy Cakes, our appreciation of farm-fresh ingredients still rings true today. From the farm-fresh eggs to the simple lemon curd - which Kim will only make in her mother’s original enamel pot (no one in the kitchen is allowed to touch it!).

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🦃 Plan for 6 hours to defrost at room temperature. Do not store or defrost cakes in the fridge as it will dry them out.

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