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Daisy's Lemon Cake

Daisy's Lemon Cake

With our homemade lemon curd.

Item#: DLC

A Blue Ribbon Winner!

We hand zest and juice our lemons for our lemon curd. Then we carefully blend the curd into our signature cream cheese icing for a fresh explosion of lemon!

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Customer Reviews


I received this cake for my 20th birthday and I have to say that it was absolutely the best cake that I have ever had in my life! I love the fact that they are made by hand with amazing ingredients. Seriously, read the ingredient label and be amazed! There is nothing in it but wonderful stuff that you find in your own cabinet at home! None of that bad stuff you see in boxed cake mixes. Thank you so much! You guys rock!

Nancy McIntyre

My coworkers got me a lemon cake for my birthday. I've been craving it ever since, so I order one for my family and got the key lime pound cake as well - going to freeze that one for my husband's birthday next month. I've always wanted one for my own, but never ordered it due to it's price. However, after trying it, I had to get one for my family…. it's amazing, no fake lemon flavor here and the frosting is decadent. Light cake, leaves you wanting more. It's amazing! Wish this was offered at my local coffee shop!!

Dr. Lynn Williams

So after trying wicked good cupcakes from Shark Tank and Mango Passion I was shocked AND delighted to taste the Lemon Cake and found it to be spectacular on every level! I am an excellent baker and so I have very high expectations. Well I could not have made this cake any better at all. I have not tried yet the coconut cake yet, but I will soon. Arrived in perfect condition. Will soooo be ordering again!,,
G a

K. Madden

"My favorite Daisy Cake is the one I'm eating at the time"

Jeffrey Humphrey

My mothers 80th birthday was last month. I figured we'd celebrate it with a cake and some balloons. My dad mentioned that she liked lemon cake. I can't stand grocery store birthday cakes and I'm sure my mom feels the same way. I remembered Daisy Cakes from a Shark Tank episode and how she had this great lemon cake. Well I ordered this cake and it was amazing. Probably one of the best cakes I've ever had. More importantly my mother loved it as well. My dad's birthday is coming up in May and I know he likes coconut. Well he's getting a coconut Daisy Cake and I'm looking forward to it.

Patricia Shapter

I have wanted to try a Daisy Cake ever since I first saw them on Shark Tank. The lemon cake does not disappoint, it is delicious. Last year I purchased a cake for Thanksgiving from another vendor, I wanted a Daisy Cake but I was ordering other Thanksgiving food from this vendor and bought their spice cake, I was so disappointed even though the reviews were good for this cake. I am so glad I purchased a Daisy Cake this year. Great Lemon Cake

Debbie Porreca

I order your cakes all the time for myself and my daughter and they are always a huge hit with everybody who eats them. I tell everyone about them and I hope they are ordering from you. They are the best cakes around !!! My daughters favorite is your red Velvet cake but I love all of them. Thank you so much you are a blessing in our lives.

Diane Canavan

To Kim Daisy, thank you for making your wonderful cakes. In one word your lemon cake was “yum-yummy-and-more-yummy”! I recently purchased your Lemon Cake to send to my uncle in Connecticut to celebrate his 96th birthday and my aunt told me how delicious and fresh it was, so I had to order one for me here in Illinois. I loved the cake and the shipping was so nice with it frozen on dry ice and in the cute cake tin. I shared my cake with my boss for Boss’s Day/his birthday and with staff and they all loved it, too. I’ll be sure to order more in the future. Thank you Kim and Mama Geraldine and Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank for helping out your business and all your wonderful staff. It is such a treat to have a homemade delicious cake without doing all of the baking. Thanks again.

Diane Canavan
Springfield, Illinois

Josephine Udoutun

I ordered the lemon cake, and it was absolutely delicious! The cake came packaged neatly in a nice tin. The cake was nice and moist, and the icing so smooth and creamy. Not too sweet or tart; just right! I thought the crew on Shark Tank was exaggerating when they all said it was very good. But they were very right!! The shipping and handling cost added to the purchase makes the cake a little pricey, but it is worth it!!

Kristen Toscano

I got this for my birthday and it was AMAZING! We couldn't even wait for it to thaw out before we started carving into it. It was Great!


Received this cake for my birthday. Just an amazing cake. Beautiful and soooooo delicious. The perfect blend of sweet and tart. Also freezes well if you have leftovers. Worth every cent. Don't hesitate--this is a 5-star winner!


We ordered a lemon cake after seeing the cakes featured on Shark Tank. It is genuinely the best cake I have ever had. I also love the adorable tin in which the cake is packaged. I've had between 2 and 3 slices of cake per day since ordering (don't judge me!). I think these would make *great* gifts and amazing desserts for parties. Highly, highly recommend!

Robin Hebert

Daisy's Lemon Cake is just wonderful, fresh, great tasting.. It was beautifully wrapped and packaged..I will definitely order again..

Cheryl Thomas

I received this wonderful cake for my birthday after watching The Wendy Williams Show. I was not disappointed n the least! It more than lived up to its promise and reputation. Will definitely order again!

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