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Daisy's Coconut Cake

Daisy's Coconut Cake

With our signature coconut icing.

Item#: DCC

Fresh coconut & coconut milk!

Our four-layer coconut cake is dense and moist. We use fresh coconut and coconut milk in our butter icing so that it is light and fluffy. The outside is sprinkled with sweetened coconut for a beautiful finish.  It is perfect for the most festive occasion.

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Customer Reviews

Margaret Triolo

The best coconut cake I have had by far!!!
Packaged beautifully &fast delivery

Margaret Triolo

I received the coconut cake I ordered just as promised and let me tell you it is delicious!!! This is my new go to place for dessert!

Amy Seabolt

I bought this cake for my mother's birthday which was Halloween day. It really IS as wonderful as described on Shark Tank. Better than any bought cake or homemade cake we had ever tasted. I am ordering the chocolate cake now for her boyfriend's birthday.

mary cameron

I bought this cake to celebrate both my birthday and my Dad's - we love coconut and I loved the slice that I was able to grab! Somehow, my Dad managed to go home after dinner with most of the cake! My Dad just raved about this cake - never mind that I made a great dinner - the cake stole the show. Now, like most men, my father would never pay $50+ for a dessert, but about 3 weeks later, he asked me if I would like to split the cost of another coconut cake. I told him about the "Shark Tank" deal, get two cakes for one shipping price, and he decided that two was better than one! I'll be completely honest, he did have some "buyer's remorse" when I e-mailed him the order receipt, but he recovered when the cakes arrived! As usual, Daisy Cakes are beautifully presented and taste even better. There is so much coconut on this cake, that you can barely see the icing - yes, I do scoop up the excess that falls onto the bottom of the cute tin that holds the cake - it's almost enough to make another cake! This cake is now my "go to' gift for my Dad - I know I can't go wrong - and neither can you. Enjoy!

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